Fabric softeners that are gentle on your clothes

Suavizantes cuidadosos con tu ropa

Our fabric softeners incorporate an additive that keeps clothes looking like new for longer. Carmen, head of R&D, explains what this biopolymer of vegetable proteins consists of, which in a totally organic way makes clothes wrinkle less and keep their shape and colour for longer.

« It is an innovative and sustainable additive that avoids the release of micro plastics in the washing process, making us pioneers in the introduction of this additive in our products and all this is born with the aim of always providing greater added value in our products through innovation and continuous improvement that help us to position ourselves as the best option in the market. In the case of this vegetable protein, we knew from the beginning that it could be an innovative project and that is why we carried out an interesting study with the collaboration of the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) where we obtained very positive results in the care of garments after use, an action that opened the door for its subsequent introduction in several of our products such as our range of fabric softeners and Asevi Nero and Colores detergents ».

Carmen, head of R&D
Carmen, responsable de I+D