The new revolution in perfuming your clothes

Nueva revolución para perfumar tu ropa

Discover a new way to scent your clothes with the new Asevi perfumers, a real explosion of perfume that will impregnate your clothes with a very intense and long-lasting fragrance. Equipped with the latest technology, they are capable of releasing perfume for weeks. Three exclusive fragrances Pink, Blue and Green that will become an authentic sensorial experience for you and your clothes.

Fabric and environmentally friendly, it reaches its full potential even with cold water and short wash cycles.

Compatible with any detergent and textile additive, it can be used without fabric softener to perfume fabrics or combined with your usual fabric softener to intensify the fragrance and make your clothes soft and with an even more intense and long-lasting perfume.

Get the clean smell out of your wardrobe with Asevi!