New Asevi washing-up liquids, we rewrite the category

Nuevos Lavavajillas Asevi

At Asevi we are delighted to present our Range of Ultra-concentrated Manual Washing-up Liquids, Asevi Green and Asevi Red. A new range with which we are entering a new product category, which is a great opportunity for the company.

And to find out more about the whole process of creating this new range, we asked some of the people involved in this new launch.

Inma Ferrer, head of the Marketing Department, explains what this new launch means for Asevi. As she points out:

 « This is one of the most important launches, as it implies entering one of the most competitive product categories in the drugstore sector ».

Therefore, for Asevi, it is one of the most exciting and important challenges of recent years. For this reason, all the departments involved have been involved in developing a product range with a high level of quality, user experience and image, resulting in this new range characterised by its effectiveness, degreasing power, long-lasting foam and pleasant fragrances. This efficiency, combined with an attractive and modern presentation with a comfortable and very ergonomic packaging, means that we have achieved a level of differentiation and superior quality, offering both the Customer and the Consumer a real value proposition ».

And all this comes after a great deal of research into what the consumer wants and, above all, after the demand of many of our customers, offering them today a wide and diversified range that responds to the main needs for cleaning and care of the home and clothes.

For all these reasons,
« we are facing an enormous opportunity to be present in more homes because of the trust in our brand ».

On the other hand, Carmen Lara, head of the R&D department, tells us about the challenge she has faced in creating this new product:

I have to say that it has been a very motivating project because from the beginning our main challenge has been to achieve full satisfaction on the part of the consumer, which is both complicated and challenging. As it is a product for manual use, it was important to be highly rated in all aspects of usability and user experience, something that is not always easy.

In order to achieve the objectives set, from the very beginning the department set out to find the optimal formula that could meet the real needs of consumers and always differentiating ourselves from our most direct competitors.

After a long period of research and arduous team work, we can finally say that we have a product with an innovative formula that incorporates a combination of the latest generation of active ingredients that act synergistically on grease and food remains, providing easy and effortless cleaning.

In addition, it incorporates a pleasant fragrance that helps us to increase the pleasantness of the user experience for our consumers.

Lavavajillas ultra superconcentrado green
Ultra-concentrated manual washing green
Lavavajillas ultra superconcentrado red
Ultra-concentrated manual washing red

Finally, Juan Ferrer, our Industrial Master, explains the development process of the iconic bottle that has been designed exclusively for this new launch.

« From the technical point of view, what was expected from the very first moment was to create a differentiating bottle that would be at the level of usability and image that we wanted to transmit at all times.

This has meant a restructuring and adaptation in all the departments involved (blow moulding, packaging, logistics, etc.) where we have worked intensely to make the project a reality today.
On a professional level, this project is a strong addition to the daily challenges I face and, above all, it has helped me to appreciate the great teamwork we do at Asevi ».

We would like to thank all the people involved, who have been many, for their hard work so that today we can reach thousands of homes with an effective and differentiating product.

Good work to all of them!