We are committed to renewable energies

Apostamos por las energías renovables

We completed the installation of solar panels on the roof of our factory. An impressive infrastructure that will have 809 photovoltaic modules and 4 inverters that will convert the direct current (which we capture from the sun) to alternating current to be able to feed back into our current electrical system.

An important investment with which we will be able to produce up to 50% of all the energy we need during the sunny hours of the day.

A new sustainable energy project that joins our current installation of thermal panels with which we heat the water for the manufacture of our products, also thanks to solar energy.

Both are important sustainable projects that help us to position ourselves as a company committed to the use of renewable energies, making the most of the hours of sunshine in each of our work shifts and thus reducing CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere by up to 4,500 tonnes.

At Asevi we are responsible, we are sustainable.