Cruently free
Perfumer 50

Asevi Textile Disinfectant

Textile disinfectant additive for the comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of clothes, effectively removing bad odours and leaving clothes with a pleasant sensation of cleanliness.

  • Removes 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mould (complies with Standard UNE-EN 13697) and viruses (complies with Standard UNE-EN 14476)
  • Removes the source of bad odours, such as sweat, musty smells, pet odours, etc
  • Effective in cold water (from 20º) and in short wash cycles
  • Bleach-free, does not stain clothes while caring for the fibres and colours
  • Eliminates dust mites from fabrics
  • Pleasantly fresh and clean fragrance

Ideal for all types of fabrics and colours, sportswear, underwear (lingerie, socks, pyjamas,...), baby and children's clothing, towels, fabrics in contact with pets and sick people, household garments such as sheets, rags, curtains, etc.


Compatible with any type of detergent and wash cycle. By Machine: Add the detergent to its usual compartment and measure out 80 ml into the fabric softener tray. Continue with the usual washing process. Do not add fabric softener for proper disinfection. By Hand: Measure out 20 ml in 4 litres of water, leave on for 15 min. Wash by hand and rinse with plenty of water.