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Bottle 100

Asevi Oxy Active Multi-purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose cleaner with Active Oxygen for complete household cleaning and hygiene. Cleans effectively without the inconvenience of bleach, leaving surfaces shiny and pleasantly freshly scented.

  • Non-staining
  • Ideal for all washable surfaces
  • Removes stubborn stains from clothes

Ideal for all washable surfaces and also for removing stubborn stains from both white and coloured clothing. Do not mix with other products. A pre-treatment test should always be carried out.


Diluted: Add 4 capfuls of product for every 5 litres of water. Direct: Apply the product on the surface to be treated and rub with a damp cloth. Fabrics: Apply directly to the stain and rub gently and leave for 1-5 minutes.