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Bottle 100

Asevi Mio Multi-purpose Disinfectant

Multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner that thoroughly cleans and disinfects all surfaces leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance in the home.

  • Cleans and disinfects without bleach
  • Effectively kills germs, bacteria and mould (complies with Standard UNE-EN 13697) and viruses (complies with Standard UNE-EN 14476)
  • It emits no vapours, does not stain clothes and is harmless to surfaces
  • The fresh and incomparable scent of Asevi Mio leaves a pleasant sensation of cleanliness

Ideal for a complete disinfection of the home and all those areas and objects where disinfection is key, such as: worktops, tiles, sinks, electrical appliances, taps, rubbish bins, washbasins, bathtubs, WC, screens, showers, all types of floors (stoneware, ceramic, marble, porcelain, laminate, floorboards, terrazzo, etc.), baby objects (toys, high chairs, changing tables, etc.), pet accessories, doorknobs, switches, drawer handles, shoe soles, etc.). ...) baby objects (toys, highchair, changing table,...), pet accessories, door knobs, switches, drawer handles, shoe soles, etc.


For contact disinfection, apply undiluted directly to a damp cloth or mop and spread over the entire surface to be treated. No rinsing is required, except on surfaces in contact with food, toys and surfaces in continuous contact with babies and pets. For regular cleaning, dilute 60ml (6 capfuls) in 5 litres of water and mop. Do not apply to food or kitchen utensils.