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Mio Disinfectant Floor Cleaner. Asevi Professional

Concentrated and highly-perfumed floor cleaner with disinfectant power that provides a sparkling all-round clean to all types and even the most delicate of floors. Asevi Quality in professional format.

  • Thoroughly cleans and disinfects all floor types
  • It eliminates bacteria and mould, complying with Standard UNE-EN 13697 and viruses complying with Standard UNE-EN 14476
  • Intense and long-lasting fragrance

Ideal for all types of floor, including clay tiles, ceramic, porcelain, marble, natural stone, fired clay, micro cement, laminate floors, floating floors,...


FOR NORMAL CLEANING: dilute 3 caps in a bucket of water (5L). FOR CONTACT DISINFECTION OF SURFACES: apply the product, diluted in water, with a mop, respecting the measures and contact time. - Bactericidal Action: use diluted in water at 5% leaving the product to act for 5 min. (50ml per litre of water). - Fungicidal action: use diluted in water at 10% leaving the product to act for 15 min. (100ml per litre of water).