New range of disinfectant household cleaners

For the first time on the market, we present the most complete range of disinfectants, since, unlike other products, it combines bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal efficacy. The range is made up of the Bathroom Disinfectant, the Gerpostar Plus Household Cleaner Disinfectant and the Mio and Naranja Household Cleaners.

After years of research, we have finally been able to achieve the highest and most complete level of disinfection without giving up the good smell, especially in the Mio and Naranja household cleaners, which smell and keep the smell for as long as in the floor cleaner version. In addition, thanks to its formula with residual effect, the surface remains disinfected for longer, preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Also, its new formula is more sustainable and safer as it does not stain and respects all types of surfaces, including skin.

This new range also stands out for being vegan and cruelty-free, and for its new eco-packaging made with 45% less plastic and 100% recyclable.