The Masters of the House

At Asevi we know that the real masters of the house are our pets 🐶 🐱. That’s why we have created the new Asevi Pet, the first floor cleaner especially for pets. Its perfume has been specially designed for pets, as it is not only very pleasant, but also has a relaxing effect so that our pets feel very comfortable at home.

The new Asevi Pet concentrated floor cleaner cleans and perfumes, eliminating any bad smells and providing a pleasant clean smell to the whole house. In addition, its intense and long-lasting fragrance prolongs the feeling of cleanliness for longer and is ideal for all types of floors, even the most delicate.

All this makes Asevi Pets Floor Cleaner perfect for both you and your pet, and taking into account that they usually spend more time than you do in your own home, Asevi presents the new campaign “The masters of the house” with a very original jingle in a humorous way in which those who have pets are sure to feel very identified. Everyday situations that reflect how they go out of their way for their pets regardless of the money or everything that has to be done to make them feel comfortable at home.

A ballad with a touch of humour

The campaign follows Asevi’s line of communication, showing a brand that is close, with a lot of personality and a champion of real homes, on this occasion represented by the “other members of the family“.
Through an amusing ballad, the campaign shows how we go out of our way for our pets in situations that sometimes even border on the ridiculous.