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Compromiso Asevi

to the planet,
to people and
to all around us

In a constantly evolving society, strong and lasting brands are built from the heart.

They must be real and sustainable, and their foundations solid because they are built by and for people. Everyone has a dream: ours is to make houses feel more like home, to make you feel better in your clothes (because of their texture and smell) and to clean footprints off the floor to leave them in people’s hearts instead.

Thank you for letting us be part of your day to day.


Our commitment to the planet is to take care of it as what it is: our home. For this reason, we use environmentally friendly raw materials and packaging, as well as green energy to manufacture our products.

We are committed to renewable energies.
We have thermal and solar panels that generate around 30% green energy in our facilities.
We eco-design our packaging.
Major investment and resources in research, infrastructure and machinery to ensure that 30% of the plastic in our packaging is recycled. [+info]
100% recyclable packaging. We have pre-stamped labels to facilitate subsequent recycling of packaging.
We produce our own packaging, reducing CO2 emissions
We are a 0 discharge company.
We work intensively to optimise the management of the waste we generate. We have recycling points at each of our facilities.
We have a wide variety of Vegan products manufactured with raw materials of vegetable origin.
Our products are Cruelty Free as they are not tested on animals.
We are Aise certified:
“Charter Members for sustainable cleaning”
This certifies that our behaviour is not only about trying to reduce effects on the environment during the manufacturing process, but that we are also committed to promoting practices that help reduce environmental impact on an individual basis by promoting “Safe use” and “Tips to save water, inertia, CO2 and money” on the label.

People first: Each person is a world that forms part of our universe. Our commitment is that Asevi is not only a place to work, but also a place to be. And to achieve this, we prioritise:

Internal promotion
We are committed to talent and offer internal promotion programmes to all our employees.
Universities / Training We collaborate with universities and training institutions by providing young people with an internship programme.
We reinforce a win-win relationship with our partners to create strong and lasting relationships in order to maximise the customer experience.
We belong to important industry associations that allow us to keep abreast of current trends in our market: ADL, ITENE, Quimacova in our organisation.

Act local, think global. The trust of our consumers and our actions are our best influencers. And we are very proud of:

NGOs / Associations
Collaborating with NGOs and sports and music associations, supporting good practices in the culture and sports around us and maintaining solidarity with those who are closest to us.
Social responsibility
Working on social responsibility, supporting ethical and moral actions through concrete actions. We are evolving our own identity, recognised for having broken stereotypes in the sector by showing “real homes” on television for the first time and promoting co-responsibility in the home, because we are convinced that everything starts at home.